Deciduous tree bark and leaves are collected by bees, combine it with their own secretions and form a glue-like mixture known as bee propolis.

Used in ancient healing for many centuries, propolis may have been present on earth for 80 million years or more. The natural healing, energizing, anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties of propolis and other bee products has secured our friend the bee, as perhaps the oldest occupant of this planet.

Rich in bioflavonoids, propolis may help in healing and mending blood vessels and resisting the release of histamine. Bioflavonoids are researched as having particular benefit to high blood pressure, respiratory infections and liver conditions. More recently, research has shown that propolis may prevent or retard the growth of certain types of cancerous cells in the human body. (research at Columbia University)


Features & Benefits of Propolis*

  • Terrific source of protein, minerals and vitamins, including A, B1,   B2, B3.
  • Contains all known vitamins except Vitamin K
  • Anti-inflammatory properties of bioflavonoids - natural anti-biotic
  • Raw energy - invigorating

Premium grade royal jelly, blended with Bee Propolis, receive the benefits of propolis with the added boost of fresh 10-HDA Royal Jelly. NEW IMPROVED FORMULA!  100 Caps 500mg Propolis with 10mg Royal Jelly Take 1 - 3 capsules daily.

And Standardized Bee Propolis, highest grade extract from the Beehive..

Alternatives to taking Standardized Propolis - Our most popular product is "Total Bee Plus" - combines the complete power of the beehive in one affordable capsule.

A unique combination bee supplement contains 200mg propolis, 600mg royal jelly, 400mg pollen and 50mg honey.

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