Raw unprocessed royal jelly with honey-  vitamin packed, honey combines glucose and fructose, when compared to white sugar which is sucrose. The basic sugar types in honey are more easily assimilated into the bloodstream and helps our body in absorbing essential minerals and vitamins.

Honey is a natural and healthy alternative to white sugars and provides more 'sweetness' ounce per ounce than white sugars.

Honey acts as the perfect accompaniment to royal jelly - adding a touch of sweetness and flavor, and naturally preserving the liquid royal jelly, avoiding the need for refrigeration or preservatives.

Features & Benefits

·Terrific source of vitamins and minerals
·fast acting energy source - only 20 calories per teaspoon.

·Fights colds and respiratory infections*

·Easy way to secure benefits of Royal Jelly - honey acts as a natural preservative, no need for refrigeration.

Royal Jelly and Honey
Pure Liquid Royal Jelly with honey base
30,000mg 10oz, 1 teaspoon = 760mg Royal Jelly  
Guaranteed 10-HDA and Protein content in Royal Jelly. Honey is unprocessed and comes from Wisconsin or Minnesota. None of our products have artificial colors or preservatives.
20 calories per teaspoon, take 1-2 daily, does not need refrigeration. BUY IT HERE

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