Bee Pollen

Taken extensively to combat allergies, bee pollen is also associated with increased energy and stamina, and is taken widely by athletes around the world. Taking pollen may help reduce the effects of stress and aid digestive system function, it is also used by many people for weight control*

Pollen is the seed of a flower blossom that has been collected by bees. During the collection, and whilst returning the pollens to the beehive, the bees produce digestive enzymes which become a component of the bee pollen.
Also widely used for its ability to remove 'free radicals' from the body - it may be an effective anti oxidant*.

Features & Bee Pollen Benefits

  • Contains nearly all known nutrients, all 22 amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes
  • Pollen granules in their natural state-hand cleaned
  • Convenient, capsule form
  • Great energy booster - taken for weight control*
  • Natural source of protein*
  • Reduces effects of stress*


We use only the freshest, purest ingredients in all of our formulations - we absolutely guarantee it. Our pollen is collected by licensed beekeepers from various states in the US. It is then blended and capsulated here in Wisconsin.

Best Value* - Bee Pollen - Whole Grain
100 Caps 500mg Take 1 - 3 capsules daily or as required.
Domestic bee pollen, hand cleaned and dried without heat. Granules are the most natural method of securing the benefits of this energy powerhouse. Conveniently portioned in 500mg capsules, this product is easy to work into a busy lifestyle.

Alternatives to taking Bee Pollen - Our most popular product is  "Total Bee Plus" - a completely unique blend of the four main bee elements in one capsule.

Each capsule contains 400mg of bee pollen, along with 600mg royal jelly, 200mg propolis and 50mg honey.

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We hope you will find time to learn about these incredible products and see for yourself what a tremendous difference they can make to your lives.

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