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Vitamin C

Immune system booster and powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C may help hair, skin, nails, ligaments, tendons and much more.

Vitamin C helps to counter the effects of cell-damaging molecules called free radicals. These toxins are present in every day situations and may cause deterioration of our immune system, leading to many common ailments and afflictions.

In many cases, Vitamin C is made more effective when taken with other antioxidants such as vitamin E, flavonoids, and carotendoids. This is one of the 'synergy' factors with taking bee products in combination form, ie royal jelly, pollen, propolis and honey.

Taking vitamin C at the onset of a cold or flu may help prevent the illness from fully developing. Research has indicated an optimal dosage of 1,000 to 6,000 mg a day actually reduced the duration of the illness by 21%.

Vitamin C may also help increase our resistance to heart disease by lowering 'bad' cholesterol levels.  Studies suggest that Vitamin C may also boost blood levels of HDL ('good) cholesterol.

Vitamins and minerals in bee products

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