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The B vitamins help to regulate metabolic function. They are taken extensively in association with stress, and various forms of anxiety and depression. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, beans etc are an excellent source of vitamin B.

A bi-product of today's society - stress can actually be caused or compounded by inadequate diet. Taking B vitamins to supplement your diet can help. Supplementing our diet with levels of 25 to 50 milligrams of the B-vitamins and 25 to 50 micrograms for Vitamin B12 and biotin, and 0.4 to 1 milligram of folic acid. (0.4 milligrams equals 400 micrograms) can help prepare our systems for coping with stress related factors in our lives* B-vitamins have a wider degree of safety due to being water-soluble, they do not therefore accumulate in the body.

The B-Vitamins are commonly associated with:

  • stress

  • nervousness

  • anxiety

  • cardiovascular system

  • energy

  • skin, hair and nails

  • immune system

Providing the right level of supplemental intake.... 
Bee Products present us with an optimal level of B vitamins, and may help people who are enduring high levels of stress that are not taking sufficient nutrition from natural food products. When planning a course of supplements, consider also the importance of choline bitartrate and inositol. These nutrients may work to prevent fatty deposits in the liver. These deposits are known to adversely effect the liver's ability to destroy environmental toxins that are directly related to the body's ability to counter the effects of stress.

Looking at the vitamin content of bee products, you will see that all of these important elements are present: B-1 (thiamine), B-2 (riboflavin), B-3 (niacin), B-5 (panothenic acid), B-6 (pyridoxine), B-7, B-8, B-9, B-12 (cyamoco balamin), Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), D, E, H (biotin), K, Choline, Inositol, Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, Rutin, P (nicotinicamide)

Recent developments in the research of 'heart disease' indicate that people with low levels of B12, B6 and folic acid can accumulate unhealthy levels of homocysteine. This condition is now being considered one which can lead to a serious risk for developing  heart disease. These elevated homocysteine levels may cause damage to arterial walls, leading to blocked arteries and the possibility of heart disease.

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Vitamins and minerals in bee products

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