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It is important to our health to understand our nutritional intake and to ensure that we take the right quantity and type of nutrients.

There are six nutrients essential to our health:- three provide energy from calories:- carbohydrates, fats and protein.

The other three do not provide calories, but are just as essential to our health:-vitamins, minerals and water.

There are two scenarios to consider -

1 - Too many nutrients in our daily diet, in the form of fats, sugars and 'bad' carbohydrates.
2 - Too few of the important nutrients in our daily diet, in the form of vitamins, minerals and water.
In order to identify 'too few' or 'too many', you must have some idea of the nutritional content of the foods that you eat.

Despite the claims of many 'fad' diet products, nutrients cannot be artificially removed from the foods that we consume. Our body processes all nutrients and deals with them according to type and quantity; simply meaning that we can either get fat, maintain our body weight or loose weight, based on what we eat. However, we can help our body become more efficient in processing certain nutrient types and certain food groups. By supplemental intake we can create an environment where we become more efficient at processing carbohydrates, fats and sugars, and can therefore avoid under some circumstances the production of excessive body fat.

We can also supplement nutritional intake in certain areas that are inadequately catered for by the foods that we eat - taking vitamins and minerals like royal jelly and bee pollen in supplements and consuming water.
Selecting natural supplement products can be a daunting task, and generally requires that we first identify the nutritional content of our diet, calculate the deficiency based on a recommended daily intake, then find a product that will supplement our diet and make up for any shortfall.
In our experience there may be an easier way...

Bee products have such I wide range of nutritional properties, they contain all known vitamins, all of the essential minerals that our body requires, a wide range of important amino acids, bioflavonoids and much more.
In fact, Bee Pollen alone has often been referred to as 'natures most perfect food' - when coupled with royal jelly, propolis and honey, it can provide us with an excellent nutritional supplement that makes up for much of the deficiency in the processed foods that we eat. Products like...
Total Bee Plus' - combine the four main elements of the beehive into one power packed capsule, and provide us with an unbelievable array of nutritional benefits - it may help in providing immune protection, fighting against bacteria, providing energy, regulating/rejuvenating, rebuilding tissue and much more. Weight regulation is important, even to those of us who are fortunate enough to maintain our ideal body weight without too much effort.
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As we grow older our body systems become less efficient in regulating our calorie intake and controlling our fat/muscle production, so we must consider effective supplements along with a more targeted diet/exercise regime, to help maintain our bodies in good shape. I highly recommend that you try Bee Products to help you work toward this goal. Bee Product like Pollen are taken extensively by athletes around the world to increase energy and stamina and help control body weight. Bee Products are also taken to help suppress cravings - food particularly, but also nicotine. By helping control problems at source, and often prevent them before the begin to get a hold, we can maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Learn more about these incredible products in our book "Power of the Beehive".

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Choosing foods based around their nutritional properties is not always possible or practical in today's society, so we must identify our nutrient intake based on the foods that we do eat, then supplement the nutritional shortfall where necessary.

Balancing nutrient intake from a variety of different foods so you get the nutrients you need, without too many calories, or too much fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sugar or sodium is important to our long and short term health. Avoiding excessive calorie intake is possible when we know what the calorific value is for the foods we are consuming. . When you look at the Food Pyramid, you’ll see that there is an emphasis on fat. That is because most Americans eat too much fat, in particular 'saturated' fat.
Developed by the US Department of Agriculture, The Food Pyramid is an excellent tool to help you make healthy nutritional choices.

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Vitamins and minerals in bee products

Get on the road to a healthier lifestyle - choose only the finest nutritional products that have really stood the test of time.
Bee Products have been used for centuries to energize, rejuvenate and regulate our most important bodily functions, providing an incredible health tonic for longevity.

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