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Buy all your Burt's Bees products securely online!.......Burt's Bees is a great company that manufactures environmentally friendly skin care and cosmetic products, that are made from natural ingredients. Burt's Bees products are safe and natural and make great gifts for just about anyone!


We stock the complete line and offer discounts when you buy more than one item....Baby Bee, Bay Rum Men's Grooming products, Wings of Love cosmetics, and all of Burt's mini kits.



Note - we cannot ship Burt's Bees outside of the USA.


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Buy the complete line of Burts Bees at our website and save $$ over normal retail pricing. We stock Baby Bee, Bay Rum Men's Grooming products, Wings of Love cosmetics, and all of Burt's mini kits.


Tour our site and stock up on your skin care and cosmetic products and don't forget to pickup a gift for a friend!

Burt knows about the power of the beehive... when he started his business, Burt manufactured all of his products using substances from the beehive, like beeswax and royal jelly. But.....did you know that beehive products are also powerful dietary supplements?... Taken extensively in Asia, USA and other parts of the world to promote energy and health, products like royal jelly and bee pollen are considered by many to be potent anti-oxidants with many potential benefits to your health....so pickup a bottle of best selling Total Bee Plus with your Burt's Bees order, and see what it can do for you!

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If you need more energy, more stamina and vitality and a great boost for the immune system, 'Total Bee Plus' just may be the product for you. Packed with vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids it is working wonders for thousands of happy customers around the world. Give it a try risk free - if you don't feel a significant improvement in your well-being and energy levels after 30 days we will refund your money in full.

"Total Bee Plus"bee products

  • Highest quality

  • Optimal dosage

  • Very best value

  • packed with nutrients

Custom blended to bring you the optimum dosage of active ingredients...nutritional power-house!

120 capsules per bottle delivers:

  • Royal Jelly  2400mg

  • Bee Pollen  1600mg

  • Bee Propolis  800mg

  • Honey  200mg

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Protection for less than $16.00 per month when you take advantage of our 6 bottle special offer!


Rich in all of the essential B vitamins, along with vitamins A, C, D, E and K, more than  12 important minerals, 18 amino acids, and other important constituents, including collagen and lecithin, royal jelly is nutritious food that is taken by an increasing number of people as an alternative nutritional supplement. 

Try beehive products for yourself, pick up a bottle alongside your Burt's Bees selection and start to look good and feel good to!!

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